About GABC

Gibsons Alliance of Business and Community Society is a registered non-profit society.

The purposes of Gibsons Alliance of Business and Community Society are to:

  • protect and enhance the livability of Gibsons in the four areas that define a sustainable community—social cohesion, environmental health, economic well-being, and cultural flourishing;
  • provide a forum for the community—citizens and business working together—to bring an informed, unified, and civil voice to public discourse in balancing the interests of neighbourhoods and business while working in conjunction with Town Council and other community groups.

Mission Statement

Gibsons Alliance of Business and Community Society is an inclusive coalition of community members and business people working together for the long-term social, environmental, economic, and cultural vitality of Gibsons. To this end, we work with other citizens to educate, inform, and support local leaders and groups in making the best decisions possible on issues of public interest.

Overarching Values

(a) We believe that clean air and water are vital to the health of all species and the planet.

(b) We believe that local economic security is critical to the well-being and survival of the community and all who live within it.

(c) We value the history, the culture, and the beauty of the area of Gibsons.

(d) We support a democratic process, where all voices are included, heard, and respected, as the best method for communicating with each other, making decisions, and resolving problems.

Overarching Vision

We recognize that change is a pattern of all life. We envisage working with all community members to ensure that the inevitable changes that Gibsons undergoes will be in the best interests of the people, other living beings, and the land now and in the future.


Download the Gibsons Alliance of Business and Community Society constitution [pdf, 12pp]



We are committed to working together to involve community members in issues of consequence, establish connections and nurture liaisons with other groups and all members of the community.


We support the Precautionary Principle as our community’s most prudent guide when facing environmental and public policy decisions that will have an impact on human health or air, land, and marine environments.


We encourage localization, promote self-sufficiency and fiscal responsibility in business and government, and support innovative practices and initiatives, which achieve real sustainable, “Smart” growth.


We emphasize the importance of supporting, nourishing, appreciating, and celebrating the history, the traditions, and the arts which enrich our community both spiritually and economically.