Cultural Flourishing


We understand that arts and culture enrich our community both spiritually and economically. We emphasize the importance of supporting, nourishing, appreciating, and celebrating the history, the traditions, and the arts in the Gibsons area.


We envisage bringing the prodigious creativity of our community into public processes like development, delegations, demonstrations, hearings, etc. We want to contribute to creating sustainable, respectful approaches to municipal planning that enhance livability and employment opportunities.


We undertake to:

  • support development or redevelopment that ensures respect for historical land uses and buildings
  • ensure development proposals are carefully examined and reflect the history and/or cultural values of Gibsons in exciting new ways
  • work with care and creativity to control proposed changes that threaten the historical character and social diversity of Gibsons
  • promote the re-establishment of historical natural environments
  • encourage the use of public spaces for creative activities
  • appreciate and celebrate this special place for what it is.