Environmental Health


We believe the Precautionary Principle is our community’s most prudent guide when facing environmental and public policy decisions that will have an impact on human health or air, land, and marine environments.


GABC recognizes that a healthy environment is crucial for the survival of all species. We envisage a place where people ensure that the footprint of humankind is not detrimental to the health of the planet and work to repair damages caused by human activity, with particular but not exclusive attention to our own back yard.


We undertake to:

  • steward our natural ecosystems and resources and protect air and water quality for our community in perpetuity
  • create a Gibsons that not only husbands our natural resources but, where possible, also restores what has been lost
  • do more with less
  • advocate alternative low carbon transportation with pedestrian-oriented centres
  • encourage public acquisition of lands for community greenspace
  • protect and restore natural ecosystems within the Town of Gibsons and its surrounding ocean, aquifer, watersheds, and air-shed
  • encourage environmentally sustainable and non-damaging practices for new development and redevelopment and for town services’ infrastructure such as sewer, water, and roads
  • use the land and marine environments of Gibsons in ways that minimize harm to the natural world and strengthen our relationships with each other.