We respect governments that use progressive democratic public processes. We honour democratic processes whereby we community members and organizations participate as citizens in the governance of our community, working with staff and council of the Town of Gibsons and other governing bodies on issues that affect the Gibsons area.


We envisage the Town of Gibsons as a model community that embodies conscientious and responsive governance, including sustainable and innovative planning practices. We include prominently in our vision the already visionary Gibsons Official Community Plan as the blueprint for planning future change.


We undertake to:

  • provide a forum for the community—citizens and business working together—to bring forward the best ideas for Gibsons’ future development
  • promote a climate of understanding and agreement, with the need to balance the interests of neighbourhoods and business
  • seek to engage all points of view in constructive dialogue and help ensure all voices are equally heard and considered
  • be active participants in existing Town committees and processes and work to support the establishment of new ones where appropriate
  • ensure that Town planning processes take into account community input at the earliest stages possible
  • ensure that community plans and studies are respected, used effectively, and taken into account during the decision-making process 

  • hold accountable the government of the Town of Gibsons to act with respect for the values and the wishes of residents
  • take care always to disseminate accurate information
  • improve communication with each other and with Town staff and council
  • work with staff and Council to adapt the OCP to new circumstances or learned experiences
  • work in conjunction with Town Council and other community groups to support activities that promote any of the goals or actions listed above.