GABC wins precedent setting decision on access to environmental information

 The BC Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (OIPC) has ordered the release of information pertaining to environmental impact and harm mitigation strategies for the George Hotel and Residences project.

Order F20-31 was released on July 13, 2020. In it, OIPC adjudicator Ian C. Davis explains that the information requested by the GABC Society is contained in nine peer reviews prepared by professional engineers hired by the Town to review reports submitted by ‘The George’ developer, as well as one responsive report provided by the developer’s consultant.

These critical technical reports have never been seen by the public, nor by the elected decision makers who approved the development permits for the project.

Iconic Beachcombers Setting Threatened

The small seaside town of Gibsons, BC, population 4500, where for twenty years the CBC filmed its popular “Beachcombers” TV series, is threatened with a massive waterfront development.

The picturesque harbour, familiar not only to generations of Canadians but also to audiences viewing the syndicated series around the world, is about to undergo a radical transformation. And not everyone likes the idea.

The George Hotel: Too Big, Too Risky, Breaks the Rules

 The George: Too Big, Too Risky, Breaks the Rules

Since 2006, Klaus Fuerniss Enterprises Inc. has repeatedly proposed a hotel on the waterfront in Gibsons Landing. The Town of Gibsons consistently rejected these proposals because they were too big, broke the zoning rules, and contravened our Official Community Plan (OCP). Now, this developer is back with the biggest proposal yet: The George Hotel and Residences.

VIDEO: How Tall is the George?

With so much inconsistent information and imagery out in the public domain and supporters of the project claiming “misinformation” is being circulated, in this video citizens of Gibsons set out to show just how high the George hotel REALLY is.