VIDEO: How Tall is the George?

With so much inconsistent information and imagery out in the public domain and supporters of the project claiming “misinformation” is being circulated, in this video citizens of Gibsons set out to show just how high the George hotel REALLY is.

VIDEO: How tall is the George Hotel

The question of how tall the George hotel is should be a simple one to answer. Unfortunately, the proponent’s campaign has consistently misrepresented the height, size, and scale of the development through skewed visual images and descriptions of the hotel as being 6 storeys tall, to the point that citizens are asking—how high is the George hotel, really?

A residential storey is commonly understood to be about 10 feet high while a commercial storey is not usually more than 12 feet high. Yet the developer is asking the Town and the citizens of Gibsons to believe that a 125-foot-high (above sea-level) hotel is 6 storeys tall.

The hotel developer has also described the height of the building as being "no higher” than the trees that line the edge of Winegarden Park even though it would actually be approximately 30 feet higher than these trees.