Town of Gibsons Denies Its Obligation to Hold Public Hearing on Winn Road Closure

In response to our recent press release “LEGAL PETITION FORCES THE TOWN OF GIBSONS TO HOLD ANOTHER HEARING ON THE GEORGE HOTEL”, the Town of Gibsons has issued a statement.

Unfortunately the Town’s statement includes some false claims and the Town has declared that a Public Hearing is not part of the legal requirements for a road closure. 

Under the laws in the Community Charter, the council must pass a bylaw to close Winn Road and before adopting the bylaw, it MUST also, "provide an opportunity for persons who consider they are affected by the bylaw to make representations to council".  

Representations to council on proposed bylaws are done through a Public Hearing process. The purpose of a Public Hearing is described on the Town of Gibsons website:

“Public Hearings are held from time-to-time in the Council Chambers, or a larger venue, when Council is considering the adoption of, or amendments to, either the Town’s Official Community Plan or Zoning Bylaw. 

“A Public Hearing is held for the purpose of Council receiving comments from the public, either in person, by attorney or by letter.”

We are disappointed that either the town’s elected officials or their management interpret their duty as public servants to be one that excludes a public hearing on this critical issue.

Rest assured, we will continue to pursue this action and ensure the Town of Gibsons meets its legal obligations on this issue.

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