Keep LNG Tankers Out of Our Ferry Route

You are likely aware of the contentious decision made by the federal government to approve the Woodfibre LNG Environmental Assessment (EA). Did you know that the EA did not even consider the dangers of LNG tankers?

A 60,000 tonne LNG tanker carries the heat equivalent of 72 Hiroshima Atom Bombs. The danger lies in an LNG vapour cloud released from a breached cargo tank. LNG vapour can be ignited with the slightest spark (e.g. cigarette), and could cause an enormous spreading fireball, lethal to anything within several km.

Woodfibre LNG tankers would travel through our ferry route. If a tanker ever collided with a ferry or ran aground, the results would be catastrophic.

Fortunately, the minister of environment’s EA decision points to the fact that the dangers of LNG tankers must be assessed through a federal Ministry of Transportation process, before an approval is issued. And, our MP Pamela Goldsmith-Jones says she will be working closely with Transport Minister Marc Garneau to “safeguard our interests.”

How can the federal government protect Sunshine Coasters from the potential disaster of an LNG spill and the catastrophic impacts it could have for BC ferries passengers?

Simple: Prohibit LNG tankers from entering our ferry route.

Our MP Pamela Goldsmith-Jones is hosting a public forum in Sechelt tomorrow. We hope you will attend and let her know where you stand on this volatile issue.

WHERE: Blue Ocean Golf Club, 6177 Ripple Way, Sechelt

WHEN: Friday, April 1st

1:00-2:30 General drop in for questions, conversations

3:30-5:30 Statement and questions re: Woodfibre LNG