Letter: Gibsons United Church

To all present and former members and adherents of Gibsons United Church and Individuals who participate in activities at the church:

On Tuesday, Nov.22, 11:20 a.m., at Gibsons United Church, (724 Trueman Rd.); about twenty United Church ministers and representatives from Greater Vancouver will descend upon Gibsons United Church to listen and then take a final vote to save or sell Gibsons United Church. This re-vote is required because an appeal was won to the previous decision.

The results of a sale will mean the likely demolition of the buildings and replacement with high density development with the $700,000 profits used to pay rent to Gibsons Public Market for lease of office space at over $3,500 per month and the balance paid towards expensive ministerial salaries until profits are depleted or other income increases.

So, next Tuesday morning, come to the church.


COME, if you wish this community facility sold. Don't give up your chance to support sale of the church and give financial support to Gibsons Public Market and a United Church office and function there.

COME, if you wish to see the present church building saved for worship, concerts, etc. and the hall saved to provide services and space for our community groups and social needs! Let people know how you have benefited from this facility.

Please don't leave our future up to the vote of this group from the Vancouver/Burrard presbytery without your influence on their decision. You will not be allowed to vote, but at least, your silence will be heard with your presence! 

Either way, if this decision will affect you so, don't miss YOUR ONLY CHANCE to influence the sale of the church that will be made on Tuesday, November 22nd. 

For more information, please email <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; and I will send you the hearing meeting agenda and other information. 

Yours with respect, Mary Bittroff

Schedule for the day:
o9:20AM                                        Ferry from Horseshoe Bay
o10:00 AM to 10:30AM                 Drive to church as carpools, shuttles, etc.
o10:30AM to 11 AM                      Hospitality and greetings
o11AM to 11:20AM                       Worship
o11:20AM to 12:50PM                  Meeting (90 mins) – Gibsons presentation, discussion and vote
o1PM to 1:30PM                           Lunch  
o1:30PM to 1:45 PM                     Worship
o1:45PM to 2:00PM                      Drive to Ferry