CALL TO ACTION: Save Gibsons Harbour


Ask the BC Government to REJECT THE GEORGE Crown Land Application 

Residents, property owners, businesses, visitors, tourists, boaters, users of Gibsons Marina and the harbour area, we need your help to stop the George Crown land application and the giveaway our public asset (for free) to The George developer. 

Please submit your comments and ask the BC government to REJECT the George Gibsons Development Ltd. Crown land application File: 2411955 by February 7, 2020.

The George Gibsons Development Ltd (The George) has applied to the BC Government for a commercial lease to build a private commercial marina for The George Hotel and Condos on public land designated as park and recreation area

Through this Crown land application, The George plans to take over the public foreshore and water lot lease adjacent to Winegarden Park, and lots at the end of Winn Road and beside Gibsons Marina. And, the Town has given up  our foreshore and waterlot to the developer for free. 

If this application is approved, The George also plans to take the transient moorage ‘A-Dock’ from Gibsons Marina and include this public dock in The George Marina. 

Excavations and dredging for this project could cause catastrophic blow out of Gibsons Aquifer, and spread toxic contamination in the marine area. Building this project could cause irreparable harm to our community drinking water supply and the natural environment.

The Province is now seeking comment on The George’s Crown land application. If this application succeeds, this last remaining natural area in our scenic little harbour will be lost to a super-yacht parking lot and private moorage for The George Marina Hotel and Condos.  

Please submit your comments and ask the BC government to REJECT the George Gibsons Development Ltd. Crown Land Application File: 2411955. 


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