SLIDESHOW: Views before and after the George

View from the wharf with George model

In his development application, the George hotel developer has provided misleading view images and refused requests from neighbours and the Town's Advisory Planning Commission (APC) to provide proper view analysis tools. So a local artist took on the job.

Note from the Artist:

"We have attempted to be as accurate and careful as possible in preparing these condo/hotel building model inserts into each individual view site photo. These are intended to give a reasonably accurate comparison of before/after.

Balloons were lofted at the waterfront by the proposed building site, and were attached to a line measuring exactly 125 feet, tethered to the high water mark. The methodology employed involved taking photos of the model from the specific angles, perspectives, and elevations, that most closely approximated those which were intended for the individual photos taken from sites around Gibsons Landing. The inserts were made using as many reference points as possible, using landmarks in those individual site photos. There may be plus or minus a very small  percentage in the size and specific placement of the buildings, but this should not significantly affect the overall visual impact of the inserts into the views.

  • View before along South Fletcher
  • Along South Fletcher AFTER the George
  • View from the wharf BEFORE
  • AFTER view from wharf
  • Before Yet another view along S
  • Another view from South Fletcher AFTER
  • View from Upper Winn Road BEFORE
  • 2 Upper Winn Rd A
  • Along South Fletcher BEFORE
  • Along South Fletcher AFTER
  • View from the wharf BEFORE
  • View from the wharf AFTER
  • Anotaher view from South Fletcher BEFORE
  • Another view from South Fletcher AFTER
  • View from upper Winn Road BEFORE
  • View from upper Winn Road AFTER