BLIMP - demo shows the height of George hotel

Blimp Demonstrates the height of proposed George hotel.Height of proposed hotel from the harbour

The developer’s architectural drawings are measured in relation to Sea Level, showing the highest point on the hotel building at 124.4 ft Above Sea Level (ASL). We used 125 ft ASL to make the measuring simple, and we started low, to be sure that we never go up any higher than 125 ft ASL.

Sea Level is not a static coordinate. The developer’s architect told us that sea level in their drawing refers to the level the sea reaches at the shore at high tide. We know that, at highest tides in Gibsons Harbour, the sea comes up to and sometimes floods the beach path. We decided not to measure sea level from the beach path, so we could not be criticized for starting too high. We looked at where the first clumps of grass (from the ocean) are growing on the foreshore in front of the subject property and decided to use this as ‘sea level.’ These clumps of grass are growing 3 feet below the beach path in front of the subject property. 

To find ground level where we anchored the blimp, we used a laser level and measured from sea level (the clump of grass on the foreshore) up to the level of the ground in the middle of the property. We then sunk an anchor into the ground until the top was flush with the ground. This anchor is 4 ft ASL.

To figure out how long the centre anchor rope would have to be, we added the height of the blimp/anchor lines (10 ft.) and the height ASL (4ft) to get a total of 14 ft. We subtracted 14 from 125 to come up with the length of the line (111 ft).

We also flagged the line with green flagging tape, at 10 foot incremets from the top.