GABC is a registered Non-profit Society, composed exclusively of volunteers.

We work together to educate, inform, and support local groups and our leaders in making the best decisions possible on issues of public interest. 

Our online presence includes a Facebook page, Youtube channel, email updates and this website is a prime way we reach you.


We always strive to provide our readership with accurate and insightful news, facts, and commentary on the important events and decisions that affect residents of Gibsons, the Sunshine Coast, Howe Sound, and beyond.

We make it a priority to inform you, our readers, with news and information regarding Gibsons Council and Town Hall decisions and directives that other organizations do not, have not, and will not provide.

By informing, we aim to inspire our readers to get involved in our community. 

GABC has been providing news and views for the progressive community since 2012. We have met our operating costs solely through donations. Because we are independent, non-profit, and 100% private-citizen supported, our strength comes from people like you who support our work.

Our operating costs include various professional memberships and dues, sponsorship of events, legal counsel, freedom of information requests, website hosting fees, advertising in local newspapers, etc. 

In addition, the GABC Board of Directors have committed our efforts to support a group of private citizens who are Gibsons residents that are presently undertaking legal action against the Town of Gibsons specifically related to the George Hotel application. Our Board will ensure that donated funds will be allocated to support the 'Friends of The Harbour' Legal Defense Fund which we are administering In Trust. The raising of money for this group is imperative as legal costs have been rapidly accruing and the GABC Board is committed to financially assisting this group of brave citizens.

How is this possible? Only with your support.

And now we're asking you, our readers, to show us that support. We depend on the generosity of readers like you to enable us to produce the events, the actions, the reporting, and the incisive commentary you rely on. 

Please contribute what you can. We will do the rest.

It takes just a couple of minutes to make sure that GABC is there for you and everybody else in 2015 and beyond.

Our aim will always be: To inform. To inspire. To get the best for Gibsons and beyond. You can count on that. We hope we can count on you. We appreciate all you do!

Please send your donation to: GABC, Box 1931 Gibsons, BC. V0N 1V0

More information HERE.

Donate via PayPal to the Friends of the Harbour Legal Defence Fund HERE.