Sunshine Coast Schizophrenia Society receives praise

By: Margot Grant

The Sunshine Coast is a small step closer to better care for people with mental illness. Vancouver Coastal Health is in the process of hiring a psychiatric nurse who will come to a person’s house in case of a mental health emergency. Together with an RCMP officer, the nurse will stay with the person and arrange a trip to the emergency room. The service will start before the end of summer. 


By: Suzanne Senger

Qualified Professionals hired by the Town of Gibsons say "the George" poses risks to Gibsons aquifer. 

Klaus Fuerniss’s "George Hotel" development application originally included a report by Horizon Engineering that said excavations for the project would not harm Gibsons’ aquifer, and GABC was very troubled by this claim. We commissioned a peer review of the report in January 2014 that determined excavations would in fact penetrate Gibsons’ aquifer. After a year of study and further peer review by consultants hired by the Town of Gibsons, it turns out that all our concerns and predictions have been proven correct.

Yet Klaus Fuerniss keeps on telling the public that the aquifer is not at risk and Gibsons Mayor Wayne Rowe, does not seem to be concerned.

Former Gibsons firefighter warns about LNG tankers in Howe Sound

By: Margot Grant

“About 35 years ago, there was a fire underneath a propane tank in Upper Gibsons, near Kenmac. A firefighter did something incredibly brave. While the other firemen covered him with water from their hoses, he crawled on his belly to the tank and turned the valve off. Had he not done that, it would have exploded and a big part of Upper Gibsons would have been severely damaged. This tank was only 12 to 14 ft. high and about 4 ft. across. Now imagine a 1000 ft. LNG tanker goes by the Sunshine Coast, with the explosive power of 70 Hiroshima bombs.”

 Local resident Wayne Taylor was a firefighter in Gibsons from 1984 until 1996. He is not a protester, he says, but from his knowledge of gas fires, he is “very, very concerned” about the idea of LNG tankers in Howe Sound.