Who’s who behind Woodfibre LNG?

By Margot Grant

Who are the people working hard to get us an LNG plant on Howe Sound?

Woodfibre LNG, the proponent of the project, is a subsidiary of Singapore-based Pacific Oil & Gas Limited, part of the Singapore-based Royal Golden Eagle group.

RGE is founded and owned by Sukanto Tanoto, a business tycoon with a personal wealth estimated at $2.3 billion US; he is considered one of the richest men in Indonesia.

Several websites paint a dismal picture of Tanoto’s activities. As owner of Indonesia’s Unibank, he borrowed heavily and then managed to avoid repayment of $442 million US to customers.

OCP Review Process: A Behind-the-Scenes View - Changing the OCP to Fit the George?

It all started with the George Hotel and Condo’s development application… On May 1st, 2013, the Director of Planning sent a letter to Klaus Fuerniss Enterprises Inc. (the developer),  rejecting the George Hotel and Condo’s development application. The planner thereby created a formal record of the many reasons “The George” does not comply with the Town of Gibsons Official Community Plan (OCP).

(Oops! A legal record, how inconvenient. How to fix it?)