Are​ ​you​ ​thankful​ ​for​ ​Gibsons​ ​world-class​ ​drinking​ ​water​? ​So​ ​are​ ​we! And​ ​we​ ​want​ ​the​ ​next generation​ ​to​ ​be​ ​able to be thankful​ ​for​ ​this​ ​amazing​ ​source​ ​too. But Gibsons​ ​Aquifer​ ​is under​ ​threat and we need your help to protect it. Please join Gibsons Alliance of Business and Community Society (GABC) for a


OPEN LETTER: Winegarden Park Master Plan


Dear Mayor and Council:

Please reference the questionnaire entitled, “WINEGARDEN PARK DRAFT MASTER PLAN”, recently issued to collect input by the citizens of Gibsons on proposed work to Winegarden Park.

Given that the design of the George project has created the necessity for bulk of the work envisioned in the questionnaire to, “integrate our park with the George Hotel project”, which includes the destruction and replacing of the existing band shell, raising of the park walkway as much as 10 feet, loss of the path’s present asphalt- paved surface, (and substitution of this same surface to wheelchair-unfriendly sloping gravel), I question the fairness of asking anyone but the developer to supply funding which is needed to “integrate” our park with a commercial development to the exclusive interest of a few.

Letter: Gibsons United Church

To all present and former members and adherents of Gibsons United Church and Individuals who participate in activities at the church:

On Tuesday, Nov.22, 11:20 a.m., at Gibsons United Church, (724 Trueman Rd.); about twenty United Church ministers and representatives from Greater Vancouver will descend upon Gibsons United Church to listen and then take a final vote to save or sell Gibsons United Church. This re-vote is required because an appeal was won to the previous decision.

The results of a sale will mean the likely demolition of the buildings and replacement with high density development with the $700,000 profits used to pay rent to Gibsons Public Market for lease of office space at over $3,500 per month and the balance paid towards expensive ministerial salaries until profits are depleted or other income increases.

So, next Tuesday morning, come to the church.

Draft Master Plan for Winegarden Park

Dear Mayor and Council:

One of the agenda items for Council’s Committee of the Whole October 18, 2016 meeting is a report on a Draft Master Plan for the further development of Winegarden Park. I would like to request that Council give consideration to the following issues arising from the report and respond to the following questions:

1.) The Staff Report is positioned as being focused on “upcoming changes to the park in regards to the extension of the waterfront walkway along the George site, and more generally to plan for the future.” What is not mentioned is that a primary reason for this exercise is in order to accommodate the condos portion of the George project and the lack of setbacks allowed between the condos and the Park. Am I correct on this point?