What’s Been Going On in the Town of Gibsons?

 Documents from the Town of Gibsons acquired through Freedom of Information (FOI) requests are revealing some interesting facts. Three in particular, relating to events occurring on May 1, May 3, and May 7, 2013, are raising questions.

A letter has surfaced dated May 1 from town planner André Boel to Klaus Fuerniss, the proponent of the George hotel and condo project on Gibsons’ waterfront. In the 13-page letter (see attached #1), Boel lays out strong concerns about the fit of the project and details where “there is a lack of information about economic / community benefits and costs as well as other items.” He also provides an “overview of key impacts of the proposal.”

Slate Does Flip-flop on The George Messaging

Thursday’s All-Candidates’ Meeting sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce put on display some of the candidates’ platforms and attributes—and seemed to obscure others.

In an interesting move, the slate of Wayne Rowe, Charlene SanJenko, Stafford Lumley, Silas White, and Jeremy Valeriote soft-pedaled support of the George project. Local pundits speculated that they have been getting the same message from voters as they go door to door as the rest of the candidates have reported hearing—the George is TOO BIG.

Rise Up, George Blimpton, Rise Up!


For two full weekends in July and August, Gibsons had the distinction of having its first ever blimp uprisings. As part of the crew, I had a great time doing exactly what I wanted to be doing—getting information out to the community, having fun with my friends. Plus I had a totally amazing view of the fireworks! 


smaller George Blimp view from just below School Board Office July 26 2014