Keep LNG Tankers Out of Our Ferry Route

You are likely aware of the contentious decision made by the federal government to approve the Woodfibre LNG Environmental Assessment (EA). Did you know that the EA did not even consider the dangers of LNG tankers?

A 60,000 tonne LNG tanker carries the heat equivalent of 72 Hiroshima Atom Bombs. The danger lies in an LNG vapour cloud released from a breached cargo tank. LNG vapour can be ignited with the slightest spark (e.g. cigarette), and could cause an enormous spreading fireball, lethal to anything within several km.

Woodfibre LNG tankers would travel through our ferry route. If a tanker ever collided with a ferry or ran aground, the results would be catastrophic.


Have questions about the Gibsons Public Market project?


Wonder about their expansion plans?


Have concerns you’d like them to hear?


Then we want to hear from you!

When:  Thursday January 21st at 7:30 pm

Where: Gibsons United Church Sanctuary, 724 Trueman Rd, Gibsons Landing

The Gibsons Public Market (GPM) is undertaking a major funding campaign for their proposed renovation and expansion project. GPM has approached Gibsons Alliance of Business and Community (GABC), asking to present their plans. The GABC Board would like to hear about the Market’s development plans and many of our members have raised questions/concerns about the GPM. Concerns range from general inquiries about the project, plans for building expansion, GPM’s relationship with the Town, (eg. the shuffling of $275,000 in Parks Acquisition funds to the Market, and the waiving of $110,000 in development cost charge requirements), and the economic viability of the operation.

So GABC and GPM have agreed to co-host an open Public Dialogue session.