The struggle for $3 million 

How Klaus Fuerniss obtained a mortgage to buy Gibsons Marina

The facts in this story were obtained through three Freedom of Information requests and a number of publicly available documents. The thoughts and certain actions attributed to the characters are a figment of the authors’ imagination. 

May 7, 2015, around noon. Developer Klaus Fuerniss stands on A-Dock of Gibsons Marina and looks out over the water. Another grey day. On January 26, he had agreed to buy the Marina, a property he needs for his George hotel and condo project. But the buying process has not exactly proved easy sailing. In another week, on May 15 at noon, the sale will close. But the $3 million mortgage he intends to use has run into problems. 

It’s been one thing after another, he muses. He kicks at a beer can on the dock. Tell staff to clean up. But his mind is elsewhere. He ponders the email he received earlier that morning, at 10:52, from his lawyer Carol Lee. 

Town of Gibsons Gave Away Funds Without Public Consultation Process

Mayor Rowe irritated by questions about parks acquisition fund.

Two residents of Gibsons challenged Mayor Wayne Rowe at Tuesday’s Council meeting about the decision to transfer $275,000 of the Parks Acquisition Reserve Fund to the Gibsons Public Market (GPM). Rowe was visibly annoyed. 

The Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development approved the transfer on December 17. Gibsons resident Inge Harrison asked the Ministry for an explanation. 


Have questions about the Gibsons Public Market project?


Wonder about their expansion plans?


Have concerns you’d like them to hear?


Then we want to hear from you!

When:  Thursday January 21st at 7:30 pm

Where: Gibsons United Church Sanctuary, 724 Trueman Rd, Gibsons Landing

The Gibsons Public Market (GPM) is undertaking a major funding campaign for their proposed renovation and expansion project. GPM has approached Gibsons Alliance of Business and Community (GABC), asking to present their plans. The GABC Board would like to hear about the Market’s development plans and many of our members have raised questions/concerns about the GPM. Concerns range from general inquiries about the project, plans for building expansion, GPM’s relationship with the Town, (eg. the shuffling of $275,000 in Parks Acquisition funds to the Market, and the waiving of $110,000 in development cost charge requirements), and the economic viability of the operation.

So GABC and GPM have agreed to co-host an open Public Dialogue session.