Chamber of Commerce position on the "George"

As you know, Gibsons Alliance of Business and Community is a registered society with a mandate to work together with citizens and groups to educate, inform, and support them in helping our elected representatives make the best decisions possible on issues of public interest in Gibsons.


GABC has been a member of the Gibsons and District Chamber of Commerce for several years. Since 2013, we have encouraged our business and non-profit members to become members of the Chamber of Commerce and to support and attend Chamber workshops, seminars, business after-hours events, etc.


However, the Gibsons Chamber of Commerce has decided to take "positions" on issues in our community, including the contentious George hotel project. The GDCC are now promoting this non-compliant re-zoning and Official Community Plan amendment. 


This decision concerns us for a few reasons.

Community Could Lose Big If Council Approves George Giveaways


The design of the George Hotel and Residences does not fit with the “village scale and character” that we have agreed, through community consultations, we want in the Landing—too high, too massive, too urban-looking. There are questions about protection of the aquifer and ensuring that highly-toxic contaminants in the soil and the ocean bed are not released into the marine environment.

But that’s not all. Discussions by Town staff with the developer have included agreeing to “give away” many of our public assets!

How to Participate in the GEORGE Public Hearing

Public Hearing re: THE GEORGE BYLAWS

Bylaw No. 985-19, 2015 A Bylaw to amend Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 985, 2005 

Bylaw No. 1065-33, 2015 A bylaw to amend the Town of Gibsons Zoning Bylaw No. 1065, 2007 

October 1, 2015, 7 pm Elphinstone High School Gymnasium.


There remain a number of issues about which Gibsons residents and taxpayers still have little information when it comes to the proposed "George" hotel, condos and marina development.

Dr. Dorothy I. Riddle, CMC, President & CEO of Service-Growth Consultants Inc. moved to Gibsons in 2009, just in time to participate in the development of the OCP Harbour Area Plan. With 30 years of experience as an economic development consultant in over 85 countries, Dr. Riddle was delighted to see the community engaged in the planning process. So she assumed that the Town would welcome input about the economics of the George project and ways to ensure the greatest benefit for all parties, particularly Gibsons taxpayers.

Yet since Dr. Riddle provided the Town in January 2014 with an economic impact analysis of the George proposal that pointed out some serious issues, the mayor, who once deferred to Dr. Riddle on issues of economic development, has publicly dismissed her credentials and completely ignored her attempts to raise legitimate questions about this complex project. In any development project, Town and Council have the responsibility to look after the best interests of the community—all of the community—and to negotiate the best possible terms, in keeping with the community’s wishes as reflected in the OCP. At each stage of the project’s consideration by Council, Dr. Riddle has provided Council with detailed memos outlining issues that are outstanding and possible constructive ways forward. These have been ignored, without the courtesy of a Council response.