How to Participate in the GEORGE Public Hearing

Public Hearing re: THE GEORGE BYLAWS

Bylaw No. 985-19, 2015 A Bylaw to amend Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 985, 2005 

Bylaw No. 1065-33, 2015 A bylaw to amend the Town of Gibsons Zoning Bylaw No. 1065, 2007 

October 1, 2015, 7 pm Elphinstone High School Gymnasium.


There remain a number of issues about which Gibsons residents and taxpayers still have little information when it comes to the proposed "George" hotel, condos and marina development.

Dr. Dorothy I. Riddle, CMC, President & CEO of Service-Growth Consultants Inc. moved to Gibsons in 2009, just in time to participate in the development of the OCP Harbour Area Plan. With 30 years of experience as an economic development consultant in over 85 countries, Dr. Riddle was delighted to see the community engaged in the planning process. So she assumed that the Town would welcome input about the economics of the George project and ways to ensure the greatest benefit for all parties, particularly Gibsons taxpayers.

Yet since Dr. Riddle provided the Town in January 2014 with an economic impact analysis of the George proposal that pointed out some serious issues, the mayor, who once deferred to Dr. Riddle on issues of economic development, has publicly dismissed her credentials and completely ignored her attempts to raise legitimate questions about this complex project. In any development project, Town and Council have the responsibility to look after the best interests of the community—all of the community—and to negotiate the best possible terms, in keeping with the community’s wishes as reflected in the OCP. At each stage of the project’s consideration by Council, Dr. Riddle has provided Council with detailed memos outlining issues that are outstanding and possible constructive ways forward. These have been ignored, without the courtesy of a Council response.

The Sorry Tale of the Village and the Goose

By: Alan Donenfeld

Once upon a time there was a very pleasant village by the sea with one diner. The diner's menu offered only one selection:

"One Fresh Egg (boiled, fried, or scrambled)"

Diners had more than enough to eat and they were consuming sufficient protein. It appeared to be a perfectly satisfying eggxistence for all, eggxcept for some locals who quietly grumbled that they believed they were entitled to eggxtract more protein from the diner.

OPINION: Woodfibre LNG Is Wrong

By: Jef Keighley

Woodfibre LNG’s Size Matters ad alleges it complies in every way with the safety standards set down by SIGTTO – the Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators, the global authority on the safe handling of Liquid Natural Gas. Not true!